First Arrows / Ensinuolet

The First Arrows course is an intensive course program for beginners in cooperation with the Finish Archery Association. Similar courses are offered all over Finland. Six times two hours over the span of three weeks will offer a proper start into archery.

In the First Arrows course, our qualified trainers will coach you personally on the archery range. To complement the practical training, you will receive an information package in text and video explaining the theoretical background of the training session by email after each training session. The package will give also a preview of the next lesson as well as background information about archery.

Please note! You can attend this course even if you don’t own an own bow and equipment. The training recurve bows of the Robin Hood Club are available for you. If you have your own bow, you are of course welcome to use it.

Even though we use recurve bows in this course to learn the basic techniques of archery, the same principles apply also for compound and longbow archery making this course useful for a new archer regardless of the type of archery he or she is interested.


Field Archery and Other Special Courses

Robin Hood Club arranges special courses in special occasions and when need arises.

For details, please consult the instructors at the archery range.

E.g. Robin Hood has organized traditionally a field archery course in the beginning of the summer season, including an indoor training session as well as outdoor field archery day at the Oittaa field archery range.