Adult Practice Groups

Adult Practice Groups

Monday and Saturday Recreational Group

  • Another group meets on Mondays at 18-20 and another on Saturdays at 15 – 17.
  • Training fee is 15 € / month.

The recreational group is targeted for active novice archers at the beginning of their training. In the training, we focus on archery basics and additional supportive training (e.g.  muscle condition training).

Participating in the recreational group practices, you can expect to learn the proper archery shooting form that will allow you to train individually and to progress further on your archery journey.

To get the best out of the training and to progress in archery, you need to have an own set of equipment that are appropriate for you personally. If you don’t yet have an own bow and a set of matching arrows, you should plan to purchase one soon after joining the group. Our instructors are happy to assist you in choosing one, if you are not sure what would be best for you.

The instructor for the recreational groups is Ms. Reena Setälä. For more information about the group’s activities, please contact Reena directly at

Adult competition group

  • Group meets on Mondays at 19 – 21.
  • Training fee is 15 € / month.

Adult competition group is aimed at archers who plan to start to compete or already competing. The group is a training group for archers on a similar skill level, but who have not yet reached a level where personal training is required to progress further.

Those participating in the group are expected to have a drive to develop themselves as archers including through individual practicing also outside the training sessions. The competition group training sessions consist of both individual and group exercises.

The instructor for the competition group is Mr.Jukka Karvonen. For more information about the group’s activities, please contact:

Applying to join the groups

These training groups are arranged three times a year though it’s also possible to join in the middle of season:

  • 1.1.–30.4.
  • 1.5.–31.8. and
  • 1.9.–31.12.

Please contact the responsible instructor to arrange a trial session to come and see how the groups train.

Apply for a training group! Applications are approved by the group’s responsible instructor.