Expense Reclaims


Club compensates some expenses from the work done for the club, according to Board decisions.

In addition Hood compensates participation fees for the national championships when members are representing the club. During 2016, participation fees are compensated up to 120 €. For youth archers under 18 years, club also compensates the fee of the national competition lisence (SJAL) after youth has participated at least in two national competitions.

Reclaiming Expenses

If you have some expenses you need to reclaim from the club, you can use following forms (in Finnish).

Scanned forms can be send by email to treasurer (rahastonhoitaja (ät) hood-espoo.fi) or given to members of board during training sessions.

Receipts must always be included in forms (scanned receipts are ok).


In principle, expanses should be reclaimed as soon as they arise.

For the expenses arised earlier in year, deadline is the end of October. After that, it’s immediately after the it has arisen.

Unconditional deadles are as follow:

  • National championship participation fees and lisence compensation for junior arches must be reclaimed by the end of November.
  • Stipends must be reclaimed by the end of the year.