Trying Archery

Archery is an excellent sport that improves muscle tone, posture and mental strength.

Working with a computer? – archery builds muscle strength of your shoulders and acts as a perfect counter balance for your work. Interested in a competitive sport that combines skill, strength and stamina? – come and give archery a chance and prepare to be surprised. Or are you looking for an all-year-round sport that has a deeply rooted history that goes back to the origin of the mankind? – then you will score a bullseye with archery.

Archery fits everyone from children to retirees. Typically, our members are between 10 and 70 years of age.

Introduction to Archery, The Trial Shoot

The best start into archery is to participate in a beginners’ trial.

The goal of the Introduction to Archery is to learn how to handle the bow and arrow, the principles of proper shooting form, what are the safety regulations on the shooting range as well as to experience the main styles of archery: the Olympic target recurve, the longbow (American flatbow) and the most technical of the bows, the compound bow.

After the introduction, you will be able to shoot on the range from a distance of 10 meters in the beginner groups and start your journey as an archer.
Dates and locations are listed below.

During winter from 3.9.2023, Wednesdays 18:15-19:45 and Saturdays 11:15-12:45 at Tuulimäki indoor range.

During summer 2024 at Ruskeasuo Archery range in Tenholanpolku.

  • During May every Tuesday 18:15-19:45 and Saturday 11:15-12:45
  • Between June and August every Tuesday and Thursday 18:15 – 19:45

We have a limited amount of seats in our trials, so you need to book your trial in advance either by using the form below or by e-mail at The queue may be couple of weeks long and we will propose to you the next available date by text message or email.

The fee for a trial is 15 € for adults and 10 € for the children under 18. We accept cash, cards and ePassi. Children under 15 years must be accompanied by an adult, who can of course also participate in the trial by booking a place.

The Robin Hood Club provides all the needed equipment as well as knowledgeable guidance for you on the range. Just remember to wear comfortable flat shoes and a tight sleeved shirt or a t-shirt.

Next steps

After the trial you will have the skill to visit our beginners’ sessions, learn more and improve your skill.

The goal of the Beginners’ Guided Shooting is to provide an opportunity to shoot together with others on the same level with Robin Hood Club’s instructors present on the range and learn to master the bow and arrow reliably from a distance of 10 meters to the target.

After some practice in the Beginners group, you will gain enough accuracy to start shooting at a longer distance: first from 18 meters indoors and 20 outdoors, and later progress to distances of 30, 50 and 70 meters at our outdoor range.

To participate the beginners’ groups, you may pay individually for each shooting session separately, or alternatively join the Robin Hood Club by paying the annual fee. We also arrange basic courses. Club members benefit from more training times and guided practice.

Beginners sessions Membership   Other activity


Archery is relatively inexpensive hobby. Archery is very cheap to try out and requires no upfront investment. Archery remains inexpensive even if you want to shoot frequently at the Robin Hood Club.

Robin Hood’s annual membership fee is 100 € for adults, and 60 € for under 18 years old. Club members may use all the three Robin Hood Club’s ranges, basic archery equipment for max 3 month and get guiding at basic training sessions.

Progressing in archery will eventually require investing to a bow and a set of arrows. Equipment costs about 200 € at the cheapest. A reasonable target recurve set costs about 500 €. Compounds cost couple of hundreds more. This level of equipment will carry an archer already a long way and you can even start to compete with such a set.

Different to many other competitive sports, archery is affordable even on Olympic level. Standard commercially available equipment is used even by the best archers in the world. The world class competitive bows cost around 2000-3000 € for recurve or compound.

Archery is not a sport where an athlete can buy one’s way to the top. Ultimately, it challenges you as an athlete.

Please note! Planning the purchase of an own bow is often exciting. Our instructors are happy to help you to choose a good setup that will suit your level and anticipated short term progress. Consult your instructors before buying own equipment. This way we make sure that you get equipment that is suitable for you.


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    Trial is 15 € for adults and 10 € for juniors.

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