Member benefits

You can enjoy archery in Robin Hood’s guided training sessions even if you are not a member and pay as you go.

However, a membership offers many benefits and a lot of value for an archery enthusiast:

  • Use our three archery ranges:
  • Tuulimäki indoor range in Tapiola. 10-50 meter distance
  • Ruskeasuo outdoor range in Helsinki Keskuspuisto. 10-90 meter distance
  • Oittaa outdoor field archery range in Oittaa, Espoo. 5-60 meter distance.
  • During indoor season Robin Hood Club has daily training times at the Tuulimäki range. It’s also possible to use club equipment during most shifts. Check out detailed schedules here. During the Summer time, the Tuulimäki range is closed.
  • Our outdoor range at Ruskeasuo is available for members all year. During the Summer time, all classes take place here. The Ruskeasuo range is used by several Helsinki region clubs. You will meet also archers from the other clubs in Helsinki.
  • Our field range at Oittaa is open around the year.
  • Get advice and guidance from our instructors during beginners’ sessions
  • Participate in our courses, e.g. where we offer detailed instructions for one type of bow and our field archery courses.
  • Participate our practice groups.
  • Apply for club’s training scolarships and grants.
  • Participate SJAL and FFAA competitions (you need both the club membership and the competition licence).
  • Hood supports its members participation in Finnish Championships by paying competition fee (up to 120 € per year).
  • Apply for a storage locker for your equipment at Tuulimäki. We have limited amount of lockers and they are yearly distributed for those with the most need.

Membership categories and joining

Membership of Robin Hood association may be applied by people who pledge to comply with our club’s rules and accept our operating principles as specified by those rules.

  • Regular members are club members who also pledge to represent our club when competing in competitions arranged by national federations to which our club belongs.
  • Junior members are regular members below 18 years old. The membership fee is discounted for junior members.
  • Associate membership may be applied by a person who is also member of another archery club in Finland. An associate member does neither have a vote in club meetings, nor an obligation to represent the club when competing. Otherwise, they enjoy the same benefits as regular members.


Annual membership fees for the year 2023 are :

  • Regular members 100 € (joining after 1.9.2023 60 €)
  • Junior members 60 € (joining after 1.9.2023 40 €)
  • Associate members 100 € (joining after 1.9.2023 60 €)

Membership status can be obtained by signing in to Suomisport portal and by purchasing membership of “Robin Hood -jousiammuntaseura” there. Membership benefits are available right after the purchase and payment have been completed. More detailed instructions can be found here.


Member statistics

  • 326 members

(updated 31.12.2022)