Hood participates in Finnish Archery Federation’s Divari-series. In divari competition, we contest other clubs in three divisions: recurve, compound and combined barebow and longbow. Divari offers easy way to try competing in archery and is recommended for everyone interested in competing, from beginners to active competitors.

Autumn 2018 divari competitions are arranged at Tuulimä at following times:

  • Saturday 20.10. at 14-17.
  • Saturday 17.11. at 14-17.
  • Saturday 22.12. at 14-17.

All club members are welcome. Competitions are free of charge and you do not need national lisence. Just bring your bow or borrow one from the club! Registration closes 10 minutes before competition starts.

Rules of the competition:

  • Distance is 18 meters
  • Competitions consists 60 arrows which are shot in series of 3 arrows
  • Target size is SJAL 18m official (60 cm for yongsters at most 15 years old and 40 cm for the rest).
  • There are three divisions: recurve, compound and combined barebow/longbow
  • Competition is shot with time control and time is 2 minutes for each series of 3 arrow.

Three best results from each division are counted as club result. Youths and adults shoot in same group, just with different target size.

These competitions are partially meant for training for national leveel competitions so score is usually kept by archers with less competition experience.