Hood aranges various competitions yearly.

  • During indoor season we usually arrange SJAL 18 meters competitions at late autumn and early spring. Some years we have also arranged FFAA’s national indoor championships.
  • During outdoor eason we are usually arranging field and 3D-competitions, including our Bowhunting Team’s traditional Kaataja-competition and SJAL/FFAA field, 3D and hunting competitions.

Tuulimäki 25m competition

  Hood arranges 25 meter competition on Saturday 18.2. starting at 12.00. There will be no shoot-offs, only SJAL classes. Invitation can be found here: There are limited number of spots. UPDATE: competition is currently full. Left...


SJAL Divari-competitions are held at Tuulimäki once a month, during indoor season.

Tuulimäen syyskisa 2016

Tuulimäki autumn competition 2016