Robin Hood’s club championships series begins! The series is made of a target competition, field competition and indoor competition. The championships are resolved by using SJAL’s Triple Crown points, where each archers scores points from each competition based on the position. To be eligible for the championship, the competitor needs to participate to at least two competitions. The series is free and no competition licenses are required. The competitions are shot with SJAL (WA) rules.

Target competition is shot on 28.8. 18:00 at Ruskeasuo Archery range in Helsinki. The competition is a normal 70m competition.

The field competition is held on 17.9. at Oittaa. The competition begins at 12:00 and contais 8 normal targets and 8 3D targets.

The indoor competition will be show later in the fall, and is a normal 18m round.

Triple Crown scoring is as follows:
1. 10 points
2. 8p.
3. 6p.
4. 5p.
5. 4p.
6. 3p.
7. 2p.
8. 1p.