Greetings all!

This year has been very successfull for Hood in both International and national competitions. Anne Lantee shot silver from 3D world championships, juniors got both team medals and personal medals from Nordic Championships, we got medal rain from National Championships and so on!

The big setback of this year was when some of our beginner’s equipment were stolen from Ruskeasuo. However, we recovered quickly and beginner’s training continued almost immediately as usual.

The beginner’s shifts and other groups have been very popular once again, so big thanks goes to Marja, Thomas, Reena and to all instructors and others who have introduced and trained beginners and more experienced archers!

The year 2018 also brings changes to Hood board. Anne, Jukka and Joonas are stepping down and Reena, Thomas and Janne are joining the board. The services of especially Anne and Jukka have been invaluable for Hood over the years, so big thanks to them!

Lastly, it is my pleasure to announce the practice stipends for year 2018. Stipends have been granted based on applications, weighting competitions, training, and goals.

The stipends are:
Anne Lantee – 300 €
Kalle Numminen – 300 €
Verne Vuorinen – 150 €
Leo Schrader – 150 €
Ebba Miettinen – 100 €

The 2018 board will contact the receivers for practical matters.

Happy New Year and good hits!

Seppo Hätönen