Beginning of a new year is a busy time, so here is a list of coming events etc.

1. Tuulimäkikisa

The traditional Tuulimäkikisa is held on 27.1. and on 26.1. the range is prepared for the competition at 18:00-20:00.

2. Divari-series continues

The divari series continues on 21.1. at 15:00. More information can be found at

3. New competition shirt

The current shirt of Robin Hood has served us with honours, bringing many championships, records and other medals. However, the materials are difficult to get, so a new shirt is required. More information can be found at

4. Exceptions to practices

This month is busy and here are listed the exceptions:
12.1.-14.1. No practice (ESF competitions)
19.1. Long practice 15:00-22:00
20.1. Short practice 14:00-17:00
21.1. Short practice 14:30-18:00
26.1. Readying range for competition 18:00-20:00
27.1. Tuulimäki competition

Best regards,
Seppo Hätönen