The year 2018 is ending, and it is time for me to relinquish the chairman’s hammer to Sari Sarani. The next board has a good mix of competitors, instructors and active club members. The next year is in good hands.

During the 10 years, the Hood has made many firsts in Finland, including field archery championships in Tapiola city center, Finnish Championships at Senaatintori and so on. All of this has been made possible by you. We have also placed well in competitions, latest of which was Kalle Numminen’s gold in World Indoor Series competition in Rome.

The thanks for all this goes to you who have been doing these. I would especially like to thank Jaakko, Anne, Jukka and Marja. I would also like to thank all who have been in the board, been instructors, or been club mates. I will now continue as instructor and active, while concentrating on my PhD. Thesis. Phd’s hat and sword go well with the bow!

As the last official job as the club chairman, it is my privilege to announce stipends for 2019. Stipends are granted based on applications, but the board can also grant stipends based on other initiatives.

Kalle Numminen 500E.
Niko Petäjä 200E.
Aleksi Petäjä 200E.
Leo Schrader 200E.
Jan Hellsten 200E.
Verne Vuorinen 200E.
Juha Pärssinen 110E.
Inke Alaja 110E.

I wish you all happy new year and good hits next year!